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Creation of the commercial site

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Web Agency

Web development

Writing programs with PHP, JavaScript…

Web design and graphic design

Visual identity of a mobile application or a website.

Natural referencing

Optimizing a website to be better referenced on Google.

Digital marketing

Promoting products through digital channels.

Creating an e-commerce site

To create an e-commerce site, you must go through several steps. Start by determining your sector of activity. After this task, it is time to conduct a market study. To stand out from the competition, you must identify them, study their marketing positioning, their market share and their communication methods. Before writing a specification, you need to define the persona. To do this, define the age range, gender and consumption habits of your customers. The drafting of a specification involves concrete preparation of the project for the creation of your e-commerce portal, the tree structure and the number of pages of the site, the necessary functionalities as well as the functioning of the online sales portal.

Blog design

Logo design
& web design


There are several categories of logo. A combined logo contains typography and a pictogram. A logotype is a logo design that is 100% based on typography. To design a monogram, you need to reduce the company name to 2 or 3 letters. The pictogram represents only a graphic element. It is easy to recognize the famous apple brand or the blue bird. If you are planning to create a corporate website or an online shop, you need to work on the web design of your website. If you work on the web design of a site like, you will improve the user experience.

Successful SEO

Search engine
optimization techniques


Google Adwords campaign

Boost and improve your company’s reputation.

Netlinking and sponsored links

Carry out a tailor-made netlinking campaign.

Responsive design website

Hosting and servers

Search engine optimisation

To benefit from a profitable investment, you need to improve the positioning of your website in the search results. To optimise the SEO of your web portal, you need to invest in an organic SEO strategy. It is difficult to increase the traffic of a website if it is not referenced and analyzed by Google. It is even more complex to gain visibility if you are in a competitive sector. Choosing the right hosting is also an important decision if you want to have a considerable impact on the popularity of your Internet portal. The site is a stable and design site that benefits from many features of a good server.

Communication strategy

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Digital communication



Influencers have an impact on the purchasing decisions of their fans.


Accelerate and automate the processing of recurring requests.



Communication technique similar to narratives and tales.

Online marketing


Investing in social media

A social media strategy is a very wise investment to boost your turnover.

Publish online videos

Publishing online videos can be done on different platforms such as YouTube, TikTok...

Launch a newsletter by emailing

Facilitate the distribution of your newsletters by opting for an emailing solution.

Create a mobile application

To create a mobile application, you don't have to hire a developer.